Americas Speakers

The Immunity Broadcast series covering Americas will be over four weeks on the 5th, 12th, 19th and 25th May with each broadcast lasting 90 minutes. Topics will include Immunity and Sleep, Sports Performance and Recovery, Botanicals and Beauty.


Our Hosts

Stephen Daniells
Editor-in-Chief, North & South America

William Reed Business Media

Danielle Masterson
Senior Correspondent


Hank Schultz
Deputy Editor


May 5 | 11am CT

Immunity & Sleep

Shannon Dolan, FNTP
Nutrition Specialist

Health with Shannon

Michael A. Grandner, PhD, MTR
Director and Associate Professor

Sleep & Health Research Program; Behavioral Sleep Medicine Clinic and University of Arizona College of Medicine

Derek Loewy, PhD
Sleep Medicine Specialist

Scripps Health

Maike Rahn
Scientific Leader


Ramasamy Venkatesh
Managing Director


May 12 | 11am CT

Immunity & Sports Performance & Recovery

Dr. David C. Nieman, DrPH, FACSM
Professor & Director, Appalachian State University Laboratory

North Carolina Research Campus

Michael T. Murray, N.D.
Chief Scientific Advisor


Ralf Jäger, Ph.D, FISSN, CISSN, MBA
Co-Founder & Managing Member


Jörg Büttinghaus
Vice President of Sales

Kappa BioScience

May 19 | 11am CT

Botanicals for Immunity: The Adaptogen Opportunity

Chris Kilham
Author & Educator

Medicine Hunter

Mark Miller, PhD, MBA, FACN, CNS

Kaiviti Consulting

David Winston, RH (AHG)
Founder & President

Herbalist & Alchemist

Dr. Guru Ramanathan
Managing Director & Board Member

Dutch Medical Food

25 May | 3pm CET

Immunity and Beauty

CHAIR: Kacey Culliney

Luca Bucchini
Managing Director

Hylobates Consulting

Audrey Gueniche
PharmD PhD, Expert Claim Activator

L’Oréal Research & Innovation

Isabel Gómez
Global Marketing Manager , Nutraceutical Ingredients

Lubrizol Life Science, Health

Karin Hermoni
Head of Science


Ebru Karpuzoglu, PhD
Molecular Immunologist & Skincare Expert


Andrew McDougall
Associate Director, Global Beauty & Personal Care



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