APAC Programme

The Immunity Broadcast series covering APAC will be over four weeks on the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th May with each broadcast lasting 90 minutes. Topics will include Immunity and Clinical Trials / Emerging Research, Botanicals, the Microbiome and Beauty.

  • Tuesday 4th May, 2021 | 3pm SGT

    Immunity & Clinical Trials/ Emerging Research

    With heightened interest in the category, it is vital that immunity products have credible scientific evidence and are marketed responsibly.

    In this edition, we’ll shine the spotlight on the companies that are investing in gold-standard immunity trials and pushing the boundaries when it comes to emerging research across the industry, including those assessing potential adjunctive therapies in the fight against COVID-19. We’ll also be discussing how to translate high science into understandable communication for consumers, as well as looking at the practical challenges posed to research by the pandemic.

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  • Tuesday 11th May, 2021 | 3pm SGT

    Immunity and Botanicals

    Asia-Pacific’s vast array of botanicals and herbals provide a hotbed for innovation, with the traditional benefits of both Ayurveda and TCM being widely acknowledged by consumers.

    In this event, we’ll be examining which ingredients are resonating with consumers, the latest research findings and new advances in standardisation and quality. We’ll also drill down into the best examples of format innovation and delivery systems, as well as looking at how botanical products could potentially complement conventional treatments to boost immune health.

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  • Tuesday 18th May, 2021 | 3pm SGT

    Immunity & the Microbiome

    The immunity benefits of a range of products, including probiotics and prebiotics, are becoming more widely understood by consumers as the wealth of scientific evidence grows.

    In this edition, we’ll analyse where the future research and new product developments around the microbiome and immunity should lie, and how this can be a springboard for fresh commercial success. We’ll also be assessing the most innovative products and ingredients, spanning everything from mechanisms of action to marketing strategies.

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  • Tuesday 25th May, 2021 | 3pm CET

    Immunity and Beauty

    The question on everyone’s lips: Can beauty carve a place in the immunity surge? Health and beauty have long worked hand-in-hand, but as COVID-19 continues to create seismic shifts in consumer needs and expectations, the demand for personal care items – topical and ingestible – that de-stress, soothe and protect as part of wider holistic wellbeing is surging. And within the burgeoning wellbeing trend, comes the sharper notion of ‘immunity’.

    But are there any scientific grounds for beauty to start actively participating in the immunity space? What segments or product formats offer the most obvious way in? And what are the regulatory hurdles brands and manufacturers face worldwide regarding efficacy and beauty claims? This event will bring together experts on beauty trends, consumer movements, global beauty regulations, claims and labelling laws, formulation and product development to discuss the question on everybody’s lips: Can beauty really contribute to immunity?

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