Jörg Büttinghaus
Jörg Büttinghaus
Vice President of Sales
Kappa Bioscience

Jörg Büttinghaus heads the global sales organization of Kappa Bioscience, the pioneer in developing and producing fully biologically active all-trans Vitamin K2. As Vice President Sales, he is responsible for Kappa Bioscience's international customer business and commercial development. As President Kappa Ingredients USA and Managing Director of Kappa Ingredients in Europe, he has P&L responsibility for distribution companies of the Kappa Group.

Jörg joined the Kappa Bioscience management team in 2016. Until 2020 he served as VP Marketing. Jörg started his career in 1998. He is a member of various industry associations in North America and Europe and has excellent networks. He challenges the industry with his passion for transparency and business ethics.

In addition to a degree in economics, Jörg holds further pharmaceutical product development and quality management qualifications. He is happily married and the father of two children. He is also chairman of the German-based Return Foundation, which supports people suffering from brainstem stroke and locked-in syndrome with assistive devices, care and therapy.