Immunity & Clinical Trials/ Emerging Research

Tuesday 4 May | 3pm SGT

The first edition in the APAC regional series will kick off with a presentation from Dr. Amanda Rao, Founder and Principal Investigator of RDC Clinical on Trials and Tribulations. Dr. Amanda Rao will cast her expert opinion across the most impressive emerging research around immunity and nutrition, while also discussing the challenges posed in conducting clinical trials amid a pandemic.

We will continue the session with a presentation from Dr. Daisuke Fujiwara, Deputy General Manager of the Health Science Department at Kirin titled From Study to Shelf. Dr. Daisuke Fujiwara will detail how a decade’s worth of research at Japanese giants Kirin culminated in a raft of NPD and the creation of the iMUSE immunity brand – the first to receive a Food With Function immunity claim in its domestic market.

Dr. Daisuke Fujiwara's presentation will be followed by a presentation from Ankur BhamuHeads of Sales and Business Development, and Dr. Priyali Shah, Lead Scientist at TATA NQ  on Immunity from the dual-lens of clinical evidence building and its translation into end-consumer products. Numerous clinical trials show a relationship between a healthy Gut and immune response, across age groups. Choice of prebiotic fibers and probiotic strains are important for interventions and impact assessment. Robust Clinical Trials are thus important to establish the role of these ingredients in building immunity and its function. Although the scientific knowledge is not sufficient to bring benefits to the end consumers. This scientific knowledge should then be combined with our understanding of applications & ingredient combinations to derive products having the potential of boosting immunity based on the existing customer preferences across F&B & Supplements. A plethora of product opportunities are possible, leveraging the combinations of prebiotics, probiotics and natural extracts. Combining emerging research with application development is the key to make a winning product.

We will then wrap up with a 45-minute panel discussion and audience Q&A chaired by Gary Scattergood.


4 May | 3pm SGT

Immunity & Clinical Trials/Emerging Research

Dr. Samuel JK Abraham
Head of R&D

GN Corporation (Japan)

Ankur Bhamu
Heads of Sales and Business Development


Dr. Daisuke Fujiwara
Deputy General Manager, Health Science Department


Dato’ Dr. Rajen Manicka

Holista Colltech

Dr. Amanda Rao
Founder and Principal Investigator

RDC Clinical

Dr. Priyali Shah
Lead Scientist

Tata NQ


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