Immunity and Sports & Active Nutrition

Thursday 20 May | 3pm CET

The final edition in the EMEA regional series will kick off with a presentation from Rob Child, Head of Nutrition at Elite Sport Group.

Rob’s presentation will be on Immune Nutrition for Sport. From the tried and tested vitamins and minerals, to the more modern applications of botanicals and proteins, professional athletes are constantly tweaking their diet to achieve the performance gains to make the difference. But what can manufacturers learn from the very best in terms of nutrient intake, timing and delivery that can be applied to the types of sports nutrition products consumers are now demanding. In this presentation, Dr Rob Child draws upon his experience with professional cycling teams and the Great Britain Olympic squad to discuss nutritional approaches world class athletes have adopted to support immunity in preparation for elite-level competition.

This will be followed by a presentation on Inside the Athlete’s Mind: performance at all costs by Joe Welstead, CEO/Co-founder of Motion Nutrition. Sporting success on the biggest stage would not be possible without the attention to detail all professional athletes must pay to their diet. In this presentation, Joe Welstead is able to speak from his unique viewpoint as an ex-athlete and a sports nutrition product developer to provide insights into the dedication needed to maintain peak immune health as well as his philosophy that now shapes Motion Nutrition products. Joe will also give us a snapshot of his early years as an elite-level athlete performing in a results-based environment, where not falling ill is crucial in his preparation.  Joe is able to ask (and answer), ‘What do athletes want?’

Then Will Chu, Science Editor of will chair a panel discussion and audience Q&A titled Immunity and Active Nutrition: Lessons from the professionals. An active lifestyle, diet and nutrition are the keys to strong immune health. But what lessons could consumers learn from the professionals in adopting tried-and-tested approaches to supplementation, nutrient timing and delivery?

This panel session aims to delve into such matters by taking a closer look into the latest developments, extracting the most relevant insights into how immune health could benefit from taking a nutrition-orientated approach in the long-term.


20 May | 3pm CET

Immunity and Sports & Active Nutrition

Rob Child
Head of Nutrition

Elite Sport Group

Dr. David C. Nieman, DrPH, FACSM
Professor & Director, Appalachian State University Laboratory

North Carolina Research Campus

Joe Welstead

Motion Nutrition


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