Immunity and Sleep

Wednesday, May 5 | 11am CT


The first broadcast in our Americas series will kick off with a presentation from Michael A. Grandner, PhD, MTR , Associate Professor, Psychiatry at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine .

Michael's presentation will be on Sleep and Immune Health: Implications for Wellbeing and Supplements. Sleep and a healthy immune system go hand-in-hand, so how can consumers improve their sleep and, as a result, support their own immune systems? In this webinar we’ll consider the scientific links between sleep and immune function, and then explore which ingredients are best positioned – with scientific substantiation – to deliver a good night’s sleep.

This presentation by Michael will demonstrate:

  • Healthy sleep promotes healthy immune functioning, resulting in fewer illnesses and improved recovery from illness
  • Healthy sleep supports reduced systemic inflammation, with implications for cardiometabolic and neurocognitive health
  • Several supplements may be well-positioned to improve sleep health in various ways

Michael's presentation will be followed by a presentation on While You Were Sleeping: A Holistic Approach to Optimize the Immune System by Maike Rahn , Scientific Leader, DSM. Research suggests that the immune system works hardest at night – and that healthy sleep is correlated to healthy overall immune function. With consumers prioritizing their health and wellness more than ever - how can we elevate the role of sleep in immunity and advance a more holistic approach?

This presentation by DSM will demonstrate:

  • How nutrients can aid in the restorative role of sleep and assist in optimal immune function
  • Emerging, science-backed ingredients that can help boost sleep quality and immune support
  • Ways to engage consumers to support immune response and rest for greater resiliency 

We will continue the session with a panel discussion and audience Q&A chaired by Danielle Masterson , Senior Correspondent of NutraIngredients-USA .


More information to be announced.

May 5 | 11am CT

Immunity & Sleep

Shannon Dolan, FNTP
Nutrition Specialist

Health with Shannon

Michael A. Grandner, PhD, MTR
Director and Associate Professor

Sleep & Health Research Program; Behavioral Sleep Medicine Clinic and University of Arizona College of Medicine

Derek Loewy, PhD
Sleep Medicine Specialist

Scripps Health

Maike Rahn
Scientific Leader


Ramasamy Venkatesh
Managing Director



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