Dato’ Dr. Rajen Manicka
Dato’ Dr. Rajen Manicka
Founder & CEO
Holista CollTech Ltd.

Dr. Rajen Manicka is the Founder and CEO of Holista CollTech Ltd (“Holista”), a research driven biotech company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:HCT) that has extensive operations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Holista engages in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of health-style products to address the growing and ever-evolving needs of natural medicine, with a focus on dietary supplements, healthy food ingredients and sheep (ovine) collagen.

Dr. Rajen Manicka is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Tropical Medicinal Plants - the only international journal that focuses on this sector. He is also a member of the Malaysian Ministry of Health’s Standing Committee on Traditional Medicine. Besides this, he regularly writes in the Health Column of the Malaysian local press (The Sunday Times, The Star).

Rajen will be part of the panel for our Immunity & Clinical Trials/ Emerging Research (APAC) event