Immunity and Botanicals: Adaptogens in focus

Thursday 6 May | 3pm CET

The first edition in the EMEA regional series will kick off with a presentation from Eric Puro, CEO of KÄÄPÄ Biotech. Eric Puro will explore the increasing consumer awareness and demand in the Immunity Product Market.

This will be followed by a presentation on Adaptogens and Ashwagandha for Immune Health by Chris Kilham, Author & Educator, Medicine Hunter The adaptogens are a unique class of botanicals that help us to resist stress in body and mind. Today more than ever adaptogens are in great demand due to the great stress that people are experiencing in these challenging times. The adaptogens in general, and ashwagandha especially, help to mitigate stress and boost immune function, helping to protect the body against pathogens and various immune challenges.

Find out how the adaptogens and ashwagandha offer powerful immune defense.

  • Learn about a few of the top adaptogens popular today
  • Learn how botanicals can defend us and bolster the immune system
  • Learn how ashwagandha root activates numerous immune functions

This will be followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A chaired by Nikki Hancocks, Section Editor of .


6 May | 3pm CET

Immunity and Botanicals: Adaptogens in focus

Mike Hughes
Head of Research and Insight

FMCG Gurus

Conor Kerley
Founder & Chief Science Officer


Chris Kilham
Author & Educator

Medicine Hunter

Rebecca Lazarou
Research Assistant

Kew Gardens

Eric Puro

KÄÄPÄ Biotech


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